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Your rug is made of 100% sheep wool, plant dyed and woven by hand on family looms. Wash it gently and only when necessary.

1. Choose natural products to avoid bleeding the plant dyes from the wool. Do not choose a petroleum-based cleansing product! It will take the life out of the wool.


2. *Do not use a brush to scrub*, the bristles of the brush can tangle with and pull on some wool fibers. Use a cloth. 


3. Pour a dilution of a quarter cup of GENTLE soap mixed into 1 bucket of fresh water (8-10 liters) and evenly distribute onto the rug.


4. Use your cloth to softly scrub the rug in one direction.


5. After scrubbing the rug with a soap mixture, pour a new mixture of 1 tbsp white vinegar to 1 bucket of fresh water, evenly distribute onto the rug, and softly scrub again.


6. Do one more final rinse/scrub with pure fresh water. DO NOT dip the rug into water, pour water over the rug only what is needed.

7. Hang the rug to dry in the sun. *Take your environment into consideration before getting your rug wet*: If living in a cold environment, the lengthened time it would take to air dry your rug could cause irreversible mold spots to form. Wait until a time of the year when you have enough daylight and warmth for drying time.


Feel free to contact us with any questions.

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